Are you stressed! Then maybe it’s time to get your float on!

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Floating Part 1

Having you ever been in so much stress you didn’t know what to do?
I will present you with a method of stress reduction you are likey to have not heard of in a bit.
One definition I read of stress is “Pressure or tension exerted on a material object.”
Wow, sounds so impersonal!
Here are some of the effects of chronic stress

  • high blood pressure
  • damage to muscle tissue,
  • suppression of the immune system
  • damage to mental health

Well stress can be a big problem and I think in western society in particular, it has become a badge of honor to take it as a right of passage of a successful businessperson, employee or student. There is a limit of how much one should take before they dissipate it with a good workout, nourish the body with good food, beat the shit outta somebody, I mean punch a heavy bag, take a nap, or do something different!

My first recollection of hearing about floating was when I was a teenager; I became very interested in bodybuilding and was looking for inspiration with somebody I could relate to. That person was multiple Mr. Olympia Frank Zane for two reasons, he was of slight build as I was and he was way ahead of his time in terms of the mind/body approach to health and performance .He would write about a tank he used to achieve this deep state of relaxation to help him recover from his workouts.

It wasn’t until years later, listening to Joe Rogan’s, UFC commentator, pod cast that I heard of this again.
I found what I thought at the time was the only Float Tank in the Seattle area.

Invented in the mid 1950’s by neuro-scientist Dr. John Lilly, floatation therapy tanks were originally named “sensory deprivation tanks,” and sometimes “isolation tanks.” Over the years the name was changed to float tanks or floatation therapy tanks.
I will end part of one on Float Tanks by letting the owner of Float Seattle , Sean McCormick describe some of the well known, and lesser know benefits of floating

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

To schedule a float give Sean a call.

or for one in your city check here


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One Response to Are you stressed! Then maybe it’s time to get your float on!

  1. Autum says:

    I can attest to the incredible relaxation/meditative state one can achieve during a simple one hour float. I was very nervous about my first float, as I tend to be claustrophobic. I committed to 3 floats and by the 3rd one I felt blissfully relaxed. I have made this a regular part of my health care and encourage others to do the same!