My name is Karen Adams. I began working with Rueben eleven months ago and have currently lost 80 lbs.

I have spent the past twenty years of my life overweight and have consistently struggled to gain control. My efforts to lose weight were complicated by a back injury that left me fearful of exacerbating the injury with exercise. Every attempt; some sensible, some radical, have resulted in failure and additional weight gain. Last year at the age of 49, I had an honest conversation with myself - I knew that I needed to make serious changes in my life.

About this same time, I heard from several people I knew about a fantastic trainer, Rueben Baca. I initially dismissed the idea of working with a trainer but eventually reminded my self that I was going to have to do something differently this time if I was serious about a change.

My first session with Rueben was encouraging. I was struck by his approach. He took the time to understand my journey yet did not allow either of us to get hung up on past failures and injuries. After learning what he needed to know, he was ready to stop talking and start working.

I currently meet with Rueben twice a week. The workout is challenging, yet I always leave feeling exhilarated and empowered by what I've just accomplished. To Rueben’s credit, no two workouts are ever the same and he works hard to keep my sessions fresh and dynamic. I appreciate his positive energy and focus on me as a client. I have absolutely no doubt that he is as invested in my success as I am.

On many levels, this past year has been some of the hardest work I've ever done. Rueben has forced me to rethink a lifetime of negative habits and change my behaviors. He has pushed me far beyond what I ever thought possible. Sensible eating and fitness are my reality both now and for the rest of my life.

People have asked me what has been different about 'this time'. I respond by explaining that I've been fortunate enough to partner with a trainer who has exceptional skills. Rueben has been the key to my success. He has incredible knowledge and understanding of strength and fitness, not just in theory but in practical application. He is creative and dynamic. He is professional and genuine. He knows how far to push. He doesn't allow excuses. He holds his clients accountable and makes it clear that he expects results.

In essence, Rueben is the rare trainer who can take a person like me, strip away all of the fears and excuses and get down to the work of changing a lifetime of negative habits. He has helped bring me to a place I didn't think possible and I am grateful. I hope that he has the opportunity to share his skills with others who could benefit as I have.

Karen Adams


I would like to let you know how grateful I am that you have
helped me see my potential. You are a wonderful coach and motivator.
You have inspired me and helped me push my personal limits.
I have seen my body transform. I have exchanged fat for muscle which
has made me stronger and leaner. I have reached a fitness level that
I never thought possible! All this has increased my confidence level
and transformed how I walk through my daily life. When I started with
you I weighed in at 255 pounds. After one year I am down to 170 pounds! Thank you.
This experience has transformed my future and given me back my life.

Shae Rothwell

Rueben has not only helped to transform my body but also my mind and how I look at myself. Through strength training and healthy diet I feel better than I ever have in my life. I have tons of energy, great skin and I can wear anything I want! I highly recommend Rueben because he truly knows your potential and pushes you to adhere to that and gain results. I also recommend Rueben's classes - highly motivating to work with like-minded individuals in a group setting and great for maintenance.

Amy Taggart